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It's a gorgeous day at the beach. You and your friends have been playing a friendly little game of volleyball. At least it started out friendly. The higher the sun gets, the hotter the game.

Your team has slowly been slipping in points. It's time to get serious. The team that loses buys lunch.

It's your turn to serve. You gauge your opponents carefully. The sun is on your side, and you spot a weak point in the other team's formation. You raise your fist quickly and connect. The ball speeds directly to the opening for the winning point.

You're the hero. The other team's members come over to shake your hand. They may be smiling, but you hear a low grumble as they approach. After all, thanks to you, lunch is on them!

--From the Atari 2600 RealSports Volley Ball instruction manual.

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RealSports Volleyball features two-on-two action, either versus another player or the computer, on a beach side court. Graphics are simple, but colorful, and controller response is good. Two pixelated teammates per side square off in a sandy-colored court area. The few sound effects are a simple beep (score), buzz (out of bounds), and an ambient white noise that represents the sound of the waves.
RealSports Volleyball against a human opponent can be a quality competition game despite its apparent simplicity. The computer is fairly easy to beat, despite difficulty setting.


The court is outlined by a black border which represents the in-bounds line. The net separates the middle of the court and is a jagged, blue graphic. Serve the ball to the opposition and the ball is in play. The ball remains in play until one team allows the ball to touch the ground, hits it out of bounds, or fails to get the ball across the net in three tries. The serving team scores if the other team fails to keep the ball in play. If the serving team does not keep the ball in play, no points are awarded and the serve is relinquished to the other team. The match ends when one team scores 15 points.

Joystick Moves both players simultaneously
Fire button Serve, Volley
Serving an Ace
Place the server towards the middle of screen and serve the ball. Sometimes the opponents are unable to return the serve, resulting in an Ace.
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