Spider-Man 1982 By: Parker Brothers

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New York City--at the mercy of the GREEN GOBLIN!
He's booby-trapped the city's skyscrapers with SUPER BOMBS! I must save the city NOW. But the GOBLIN will try to stop my every move. Criminals and time bombs--even the GREEN GOBLIN himself--stand between me and the SUPER BOMBS!
Can I save the city in time?

--From the Atari 2600 Spider-Man instruction manual.

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I wish I could tell you that this is one for all gamers... however, unless you're a die-hard Spider-Man follower, you may want to take this game and smash it before beating it. The graphics are decent enough, for 2600 standards, and Spidey does have his traditional red and blue garb, but the web is... black? Ehh, moving along, the sounds are to the 2600 level as well, so I don't think we need to go into grave detail about that. Gameplay is a hit and miss in some respects. When it comes to shooting the web, you need to be careful so that the web reaches any yellow part of the building, and the frustrating control is not quite on your side. While this one is actually strangely addictive, I'm sure the mesmerizing effect may wear off soon enough.


The main object of this game is to defuse as many Super Bombs as possible. You score points upon each one you manage to defuse. In order to get to this, though, you need to climb the skyscrapers. In order for the web to stick, it MUST land on the building, in the yellow sections. If it hits a window or somewhere in the sky, Spidey will fall, but you can salvage it by shooting a quick web back on the building. If you don't, though, you lose a life and start back at the bottom of the building. You can hold the directional in the way you want the web to go, whether it's straight up or diagonal to the left or right.

For some gamers, getting to the Super Bomb may be easy enough, but the challenge rises from there. Guarding it is the Green Goblin, so look out for him as he moves from side to side. If your web or yourself touches him, you fall. To defuse the bomb, you must move a part of Spiderman's body over it. Before you could do this, though, you need to capture and stop enough criminals and time bombs, which will make the Green Goblin activate the bomb, and you can work from there. In order to stop the criminals, you must move Spider-Man's body over them; 30 points for every criminal stopped.

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