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Imagine you're in a one-man space shuttle travelling through the heavens at the speed of light. you and your tiny ship are totally engulfed in darkness, except for the luminance of an occasional passing star.

Suddenly, without warning, there's a brilliant flash straight ahead. You check the radar screen. Nothing. Pretty soon there's another flash, and another. Next thing you know the flashes have turned into one gigantic force field of some kind and it's dead ahead. You check the radar screen again, still nothing.

The colors in this mysterious force field are so bright, they're almost blinding. And they seem to be in layers. But the stranges thing is that nothing shows up on the radar screen. What could that mean? Is it possible to travel through this mysterious force field or will you crash and be destroyed? And what about the layers? If you make it through one, can you make it through the next, and the next?

It's decision time and there are only a few seconds to think about it. Turn back or blast ahead and try to make it through the layers of the brightly colored force field. It's up to you.

--From the Atari 2600 Super Breakout instruction manual.

Available: 3
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Super Breakout has four games in one cart, this is a pretty good bang for the buck. The four games are are as noted, Breakout(the original), Double Breakout, Cavity Breakout, and Progressive Breakout. If most of you have ever had blood pulsing through your veins you have played some version of Breakout. Breakout is simply a paddle, a ball, and one heck load of bricks. The object of the game is to break every brick and not loose a ball.... pretty simple,huh. Now Double Breakout you upgrade and receive two paddles and two balls. When both balls are in play you receive double the point score for each brick. Talk about double your pleasure double your fun "insert chewing gum commercial here". Now on to bigger and better things such as Cavity Breakout.
Cavity Breakout, now thats a game I can sink my teeth into, anyway the layout of this game is two cavities in the bricks
which contain one ball each. That's right, you guessed it, when two balls are in play that's double points, that's amazing, lets say that again, double points. The final game but not the least by any means is Progressive Breakout, did someone just mention car insurance? Like I said Progressive Breakout offers two walls each of which contain four rows of bricks. As game play goes on each row moves closer to your paddle making it harder to keep your ball from flushing down the drain. With all this in mind have fun playing Super Breakout.

P.S. I bet you thought there wasn't a whole lot to Super Breakout......
Well now you've been schooled. Peace.


In Super Breakout, there is just one rule: break bricks.

mouse moves your paddle
Double Points
If you get two balls the whole time you have them you will receive double points for each brick you break.
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