5 in One Fun Pak 1994 By: Beam Software

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The five games included in 5 in One Fun Pak are Backgammon, Checkers, Reversi, Chess, and Yacht, or more commonly known as Yachtzee. Like the 4 in One Fun Pak on the GB console, it is another good game to pass the time with. If you like this one, then you should probably try the 4 in One Fun Pak. The graphics have vibrant colors, but not very many of them. The resolution is set up for a small screen, so it should probably be played in a small window. In the area of sound, you have your typical MIDI tunes and little bleeps that sound like coins drops when you move things or do something. Two people can play to double the fun, or you can play the computer if you have no friends.


When the game comes up, you choose between one player or two players. On the next screen you will choose what game you want to play. Chess and Checkers go by their standard old fashioned rules. No flying kings or anything like that. For Backgammon, Reversi, and Yacht, it is strongly suggested that you already know the rules.

A Button Select Object
B Button Select Object
Start Button Pause the Game
Select Button N/A
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