Adventures of Batman and Robin 1995 By: Sega

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The Joker's Game
"How do I get rid of Batman, his right-hand man Robin, AND have a little fun?" thought The Joker.

His answer to that private question was to preside over a competition, with Gotham City's major crime bosses as the contestants.

The rules?... Simple. The first one to knock off Batman wins!

But you need a fox to have a fox hunt. The Joker needed a way to ensure Batman's cooperation.

So now Robin is the bait. As The Joker's hostage, he is imprisoned somewhere in Gotham City. Batman is prowling the city, searching for his missing partner.

Meanwhile, a Who's Whop of hooligans is hot on Batman's trail. The Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze and The Scarecrow have mobilized an army of mechanical bad guys. The brass knuckles are polished, machine guns loaded, hand grenade pins pulled.

The Joker is a happy man...

--From the Gamegear Adventures of Batman and Robin instruction manual.

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