Aerial Assault 1992 By: Sega

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In Aerial Assault, while playing as the Freedom Fighter you must destroy five targets, including the CB-53 Bomber, Vinsk, "El", and two cliff fortresses. During each of the five missions, you will encounter many enemy units which you must destroy. There are three difficult settings: Easy, Normal, and Hard. You will not be able to complete the game if you select the Easy setting.


When the game comes on, you can select one or two players. After that, you jump right into the game. In this side-scrolling shooter game, you use the directional controls to move the jet and the A and B buttons to fire you weapons. You obviously shoot all incoming enemy units and want to dodge their fire. But at the same time, you want to get as many power ups as you can.

This game is a counterpart to its SMS version. There are a few differences though. If you shoot the jets that have a blue glowing box around them, you can receive an upgrade for either your speed, weapon, or force field. In this one, the weapon power-ups have a sequential order. Anytime you die, you start back over with your basic weapon. The weapon upgrades look like a blue sphere with an orange "P" on it. The sequence of weapons go something like this: basic cannon, homing cannon, lasers, and so on. I'm not going to ruin all of the surprises for you, but they do get pretty good.

The shield upgrades give you two rotating yellow balls on the front of your ship. These let you ram other ships instead of getting destroyed by them, but don't do it to often, only when you need to, because you have a very limited number of times you can do this. The speed upgrade obviously increases the speed of your jet and looks like a green and black can with a yellow "S" on it.

A Button Select/Fire Weapon
B Button Select/Fire Weapon
Start Button Pauses the Game
Select Button N/A
The only hint I can really give you is to be patient. This game can become very aggravating.
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