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Everyone knows the movie... well, here's the game. It has all of the great characters, plot, hijinks, and music that you loved from the film. O.K., admittedly the music isn't nearly as good, and of course it doesn't really look as good either, but hey, it's a Game Gear game, folks. I think they did pretty good with it. Of course if you want one with better eye candy, you should play the Genesis version, but if you've played that one and didn't get enough, this one is fun too.
You are Aladdin, and you make your way through the famed tale of heroism and love, defeating guards and creepy creatures and, ultimately, the nefarious wizard Jafar. Aladdin is as spry in this game as he is in the movie, and controlling him is a blast.


The game begins with Aladdin running from the guards. He runs automatically, all you have to worry about is his speed and jumping over obstacles. Use the control pad to control Aladdin's speed. If you press forward he'll move forward and if you press back he'll drop back. Don't worry, the whole game won't be him running and dodging obstacles like that.
If you tap forward (or whichever direction Aladdin is facing) twice Aladdin will dash. Hold forward down on the second tap to continue dashing. If you press 1 while you are dashing, you'll slide. You'll need to dash to escape the clutches of guards sometimes. You'll also need to do this to get under some obstacles in the game. Press down and Aladdin will crouch. If you press 2 while crouching you will tip-toe. Press down next to a rock to pick it up. Press 1 to throw a rock. You can carry a max of 10 rocks. You will have to throw rocks at some things as a trigger to, say, open doorways 'n such. Throw rocks at guards to stun them so you can get past without harm. Press down to walk down stairs. Press up to go up them. If you jump and press up when under a ledge, Aladdin will jump up and grab ahold of the edge. Pull yourself up by pressing up.
Aladdin's health is displayed in the top left corner of the screen in the form of red circles. As he takes damage these will turn black. If they all turn black it's Game Over. Apples will give you half a circle back, and loaves of bread will give you a whole circle back.
As well as enemies, you'll have to watch out for traps like falling rocks, spikes, pits, water spouts, and more. Don't worry, drops of water dripping from the Cave of Wonders' ceiling won't hurt you. Beware of treasure laying about on the floor. If you touch it the ceiling will cave in on you!
The only boss you'll have to face in this game is Jafar. Just don't let him hit you with the sword. It'll kill you instantly. When he drops it, you can pick it up and wield it. Be careful of his various attacks, and figure out a strategy of dodging and attacking. Watch the pattern and take your time to defeat Jafar!

1 Button Throw Rock
2 Button Jump
Start Button Pause Game
Select Button N/A
A Stock of Rocks
Whenever you find a rock, you can pick it up, then walk away from it until it's off screen, and then go back and it will reappear. You'll have to walk farther with some than others, but it's a handy way to stock up on rocks.
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