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Sega Game Gear's Battleship is a video adaptation of the popular Milton Bradley 2-player strategy game. Like the original, which has entertained generations, you are engaged in a open water duel, attempting to destroy your opponent's fleet of ships before he destroys yours. The Game Gear version is 1 player only, but could've have been a pretty cool 2-player with the hand-held unit. I found SGG Battleship fun and quite addicting. It features turn-based combat, where you and your opponent take turns firing shots at each other, using hits to determine the vicinity of enemy ships. This video version has 4 different multiple shot weapons, which fire 4-6 shots in several diagonal and/or adjacent grid square patterns. You are allowed one use per shot pattern. Graphics and sound are good for this genre of game, which doesn't require much. Small missiles fall to their indicated target with the high-pitched whistle of a falling bomb. A fiery explosion erupts when you hit a ship, and a small splash sounds when you miss. The music that accompanies the game is somewhat annoying, in my opinion, and gameplay is kind of slow. You can, however, up the frame-rate value with F4 to speed gameplay. In that case, you will want to turn the game volume down, due to the fact that the music will be sped up as well. The classic strategy game in video form. Sega Game Gear Battleship is a pretty fun game.


You have a fleet of 4 ships, and you place them at various locations on 12x8 grid. Begin by placing your ships, one at a time, on the grid. The number of grid squares a ship occupies indicates the number of hits it can withstand before it is sunk. Use Button 1 to rotate the vertical/horizontal position of the ship, and press Button 2 when you're satisfied with placement. Once all your ships are in place, battle begins. Press Button 2 to select a weapon. Cycle through your weapon patterns using the d-pad, and press Button 2 again when you have made your choice. Pick your target location and Press Button 1 to fire. Should you press Button 1 without selecting a weapon pattern, a single shot will be fired. Each ship takes a different number of shots to sink it. They range from 2 hits to 5 hits. All misses are marked on the grid, so you do not fire at the same spot again. The first to sink all their opponent's ships wins.

Button 1 Fire Weapon
Button 2 Weapon Select
Flush Out the Enemy
Fire shots diagonal to each other and create a "checkered board" pattern on the board to find smaller ships.
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