Chess Master 1990 By: Nova Logic

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Chessmaster is a lot of fun for fans of chess. It's also good for people that don't know how to play chess, because it has a tutorial mode. It's a little confusing at first, because when you push Start it just starts a chess game with no questions as to what difficulty you want, how many players, etc. What you have to do is push start during the game and it will bring up the options you need.
With good-looking sprites and a low need for graphics, this game does little more than get by in the visual department. The sounds are OK, but I prefer to turn them off while I'm concentrating on chess. The controls are simple, click on the piece to drag and drop it by clicking again. It's a point and click system.
Chess is one of the oldest board games we know of, so obviously it offers a great deal in the gameplay department. If you love chess, or are thinking of taking it up, try Chessmaster.


In two player mode, all you have to is set it up in the menu, and go head to head with a friend. In one player mode there are a few different ways to play. You can play against the computer in regular chess, with many different difficulty levels to choose from. You can also play speed chess by turning the chess clock, and deciding how long you want the game to last. There is also a learning mode that will teach you how to play chess.
While playing chess, if you click on a piece, you can move it and click again to drop it. Once a piece is dropped, the move is final. You can cheat by bringing up the menu and using the Take Back Move function. The game will not let you make illegal moves, and will tell you if someone is checkmated, or stalemated. You can also use the menu to get a hint if you are not sure of what to do next. Use the grid provided to translate the move coordinates.

1 Button Select/ Drop Piece
2 Button Select/ Drop Piece
Start Button Start/Menu
D-pad Move Cursor
Forethought is key
While playing chess, it is very important to be able to think ahead and guess what your opponent will do in response to your moves, so you can set up traps, diversions, and eventually checkmate.
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