Columns 1991 By: Sega

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One of my personal favorites. I simply love Columns. It's similar to Tetris in its puzzle block style, but not exactly the same. In Columns, you change the order of the falling pieces, but the shape and axis of the group is always the same, keeping them in the shape of a column. Get at least three of the same piece in a row and they'll vanish. The colors are mesmerizing and so is the music. Careful, it's very addictive!


Choose your game difficulty level. Easy- four different pieces, Normal- five, and Hard- six. Then choose difficulty level again, levels 0-9, the higher you pick, the faster it goes. Choose your tunes. Then, choose your blocks. The block choices are pretty cool. You can have jewels, squares, card suits plus a star, dice, or fruit. Eventually you will get a flashing column. Drop this column on any piece and all of that type will vanish from the board.
Versus option is not available since the Gamegear had to be connected to another Gamegear to play with more than one person.

A Button Rotate Pieces
B Button Counter-rotate Pieces
Start Button Pause/Begin Game
Stack for Slack
When the game gets going really fast, a combo that's been waiting to be triggered can give you a moment's peace. So try to keep similar colors near to each other.
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