Dynamite Headdy 1994 By: Treasure

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This is one great game for Game Gear (and there's also a Genesis version) where you run around as a crazy little puppet character whose head isn't on.... at all. You can throw his head to hit enemies or manipulate other targets. The colors are spectacular for this game, though the Genesis version is clearer and crisper.
This Game Gear version tends to be a lot faster (and therefore more difficult at times) than the Genesis version. Also, you don't get nearly as much training in how to use the controls and what's going on on this version. I recommend playing the Genesis version first to get a good feel for how the game works and what everything is. It'll be easier to grasp the game. Still, if you like the Headdy game then you'll like this one for the sheer fact that it gives you more Headdy game play. Personally, I think these games are pretty cool.
The music and sound effects are fun, if a little weird, but then this whole game is just a little bit weird.


First, direct your attention to the upper left corner of the screen where you'll find a green spot light. This spot light tells you how much health Headdy has (whew! say that three times fast). As you take damage it will go from green to yellow to orange to red and then (scary Bum-bum-bum) black, at which point you'll lose a life. Bosses will have a spotlight as well, so you can keep track of the damage you do them.
Throw your head at enemies to destroy them by pressing A. Some enemies will require more hits than others, and some will deal you more damage than others. Other uses for Headdy's head include grappling Hangman (a little orange ball guy with a smiley face on). Stand near (or, in some cases, jump to reach one) a Hangman and press A and the direction you need to reach the Hangman, to latch on to him with your beak. Letting go of A will then spring you over to where Hangman is or bounce you up to the level above him.
In various places around the game you will find Headcase (a little yellow smiley-face round dude who you won't be able to see because of the enormous square in front of him with different pictures on it) who has with him, get this, a head case....annnnnd .... inside the case... are heads. Follow me? There will be different pictures inside the box he carries depicting different kinds of heads that Headdy can use. Some are:
Hammer Head- Does twice the damage of the normal head and also still allows you to perform some of the other normal functions that the default head does. This head only lasts a short time.

Piggy Head- Will cause stars to appear around you that continuously do damage to anything that touches them. You cannot grapple Hangman while you have this head on. This head only lasts a short time.

Vacuum Head- Will turn your head green and allow you to suck in all enemies on screen (and sometimes some that aren't) to get rid of them. You cannot grapple Hangman with this head. This head only lasts a short period of time.
Note that these heads go away on their own. In the Genesis version, you are able to cancel heads by pressing C, but no C button means no canceling heads.

A Button Fire Head
B Button Jump
Start Button Pause Game
Select Button N/A
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