Klax 1991 By: Tengen

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Klax is a neat skill game. Bright colored bricks slide down the platform towards a little catching device called a paddle. You catch them and drop them into place below to make patterns. The look of the screen makes me think of 3D World Runner because of the conveyor belt always coming towards you, and the colors are similar in style to that game. The music is repetitive and not needed since you don't notice it anyway. You are too busy trying to keep those tiles from tumbling over the edge.


Catch the tiles coming down the conveyor belt on the paddle, then drop them down in rows of the same color in the bin below. Your paddle can hold up to five tiles, so you can save some you can't use immediately.  When you 'drop' a tile it flips up off the top of the stack as opposed to falling out of the bottom.
In the start menu, you can turn the drop meter on or off. The only difference I noticed was that in the first wave you could drop as many tiles as you want, but only in the first wave. You can turn the music and sound effects on or off as you prefer. I find that sound effects help with timing. Then choose whether you'd like to throw bricks back onto the conveyor belt with the up direction on the directional 'PAD' or by using the B 'BUT'ton in the Flick Brick option. You can make the paddle speed, bat speed, slow or fast. I prefer slow because it gives me greater control. While fast is, uh, faster, I find I tend to accidentally slide past where I want to be. Finally, choose your brick colors. Think carefully here and choose the set that you can best differentiate between its colors.
A Klax is a pattern of at least three tiles of the same color. For Klax with three tiles, column shapes are worth the least amount of points, horizontal is better, and diagonal Klax are best. The more tiles in a Klax, the more points you'll get. For every tile more than three in a Klax you will get an extra Klax. Klax with 4 tiles= 2 Klaxes and so on. This will help you on the waves where you must make a certain number of Klaxes.
Do what you are instructed to do each wave, but there's no hurry. You can take your time and get more points by doing other things first. When you complete a wave you get bonus points for empty space in your bin and any tiles on the screen that aren't in the bin (those on the conveyor belt and those on the paddle). Set tiles up so that when some vanish, others will drop into place to get combos and more points!

A Button Drop Tile Into Bin
B Button Throw Tile Back (When BUT is Chosen)
Up Throw Tile Back (When PAD is Chosen)
Start Button Pause
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