Mega Man 1994 By: Capcom

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Almost everyone knows and loves Mega Man. I myself have fond memories of sitting in my sister's living room floor, helping my nephew to beat a level or boss on Mega Man. The look of Mega Man is pretty unique. Mega Man is a very industrial looking and feeling game.
The animation (the way Mega Man throws his arms up when he jumps or the way he slides, and honestly when Mega Man is destroyed it's pretty awesome), objects like platforms and life units, and the sounds of the game, all combine to create a special feel, and these stay basically the same throughout all of the Mega Man series. So, if you love any of the other versions of Mega Man, you're likely to love this one too. If you've never played Mega Man before.... well that's just crazy and you should definitely play it now.


You are Mega Man, and your objective is to get through each of the levels to the boss that waits at the end and defeat him! Choose which boss you want to face and maneuver through his particular style of level. Where you start back after dying depends on how far you've gotten in that level. If you have reached a check point (you can tell where these are because once you've reached one you can't back track), you will start back there, but if you have not, you will start back from the beginning of that level. Also there are no continues in this game, so don't count on any. If you pass through two car port-like doors that slide up into the ceiling, prepare yourself for a boss fight! These work as check points as well.
Mega Man will flash after being hit. Take advantage of these few seconds as Mega Man is temporarily invulnerable. Don't gloat just yet though... the bosses have the same ability!
There are a couple of things you can do outside of the normal controls. First, you can slide if you hold Down and press B. Also if you hold down A you can charge your weapon and then fire a Mega Buster (only with your default weapon). This shot will be more powerful than your normal shots. If you are hit while you are charging for a Mega Buster, you will lose it and have to start over. Also, note that you and your enemies can shoot through walls, but you cannot shoot through an enemy. Your shots die when they hit an enemy... well, that's usually the case. With a Mega Buster shot you can fire through more than one enemy with one shot!
Find items laying about or gain them from defeating enemies. Pick up health in the form of small or large flashing black and white dots. Extra men look like Mega Man's head. Recharge your weapons by picking up the large or small U.F.O. looking thingies that will be whatever color your current weapon is. You can pick up E tanks and M tanks (which look like cans with and E or M on them respectively) to recover health (E tank) or health and weapons (M tank) whenever you need to by accessing them in the Start Menu.
You can get more weapons than you begin the game with, but in order to gain these you will have to beat the bosses. Press Start at any time to access the menu and change weapons or use tanks. Just highlight what you want and then press A to use a tank. To change weapons, press Start to leave while the weapon you want is highlighted.
Some environmental hazards include moving platforms (some of these will drop incredibly fast when they reach the end of their path, and Mega Man will drop right with them to his doom if you're not careful), enemies (which come in many varieties from flying to ground, shielded and not shielded, and some that take more than one hit to defeat), spikes (which, unlike many other games, result in immediate destruction if you land on them), bottomless holes, and more. Sometimes it can be hard to tell when it's o.k. to drop down a hole and when it'll mean death. It's a flaw in the game-play. Sorry, I can't help you there.

A Button Fire Weapon,
use Tank in Start menu
B Button Jump
Start Button Open Weapons and Tanks menu
Break Through!
Blast away at walls! Sometimes there are passages behind them that contain useful items!
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