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Dr. Eggman is intrigued. "That trouble-making hedgehog! Always the only thing that's stopping me doing what I want to do, yes it is! But it won't be for much longer..."

The genius scientist Dr. Eggman plans world domination even today - he's always in a bad mood! But who'll stop him? He goes beyond the speed of any person in any circumstances. He always goes at an extremely high speed. Who is this speedy hedgehog? It's Sonic!

Who is trying to get our planet this time? As usual, it's the strange genius scientist who gets angry over Sonic the Hedgehog when he fails his quest for world domination.

One day, Sonic woke up in the afternoon. The self-indulgent hedgehog said to himself "That happened several days ago!" While thinking of such a thing, his shoes were totally normal. But when Sonic jumped... "What's happening?!" Sonic's shoes felt heavier than usual. Sonic looks at his shoes carefully. "These shoes have the mark of Dr. Eggman!" Sonic looked up again after inspecting his shoes to see the proud face of Dr. Eggman! "Sonic, the chaos emeralds on the island are now all mine!" Dr. Eggman's voice is triumphant, and echoes all around South Island. The evil genius has did it again on Sonic's home island!

How did Sonic's "speed-down" shoes come into existence? Eggman made these shoes with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, and nothing else! Nothing is more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds. Eggman puts Sonic in his large labyrinth, but he can't run or jump, since the shoes disable him from doing that. You can also hear a deafening roar on South Island - the sound of construction of Eggman's fortress on the land of the large labyrinth! Sonic, don't give up, no matter what happens! Even though you're not able to run or jump, you can still do your rolling attack! Dr. Eggman isn't going to take over the world that easily. In order for Sonic to regain the Chaos Emeralds, he must get through the huge labyrinth.

--From the Gamegear Sonic Labyrinth instruction manual.

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We've all played a Sonic game we didn't like. Whether it was the graphics, the music, or the game play, there was just something about it we couldn't warm up to. For the GameGear, this title would be Sonic Labyrinth.
The first problem lies in the game play; Sonic moves at a snail's pace. The story isn't too bad, but for a Sonic game, it's unacceptable. Speed-down shoes is a joke. Try to think of Mario with a downgraded jump and you'll understand the frustration of it all.
The music is poor as well, pretty bland and not all that memorable. However, the graphics are decent enough and Sonic looks like he should. But graphics never push a game through and Sonic Labyrinth is no exception. On the whole, Sonic Labyrinth is a poor addition to the series of games featuring our favorite blue dude with an attitude, and I would not recommend it.


Sonic Labyrinth is composed of four different worlds, and within each world is a length of four zones to go through.

During the first three zones out of the four in each world, you need to find each of the three keys that are scattered across the levels. Once you're able to do so, you can access the goal gate to finish. Keep in mind, though: you have a time limit and there really is no time for you to explore.

Enemies will be around the levels and will try to stop Sonic from reaching the goal. If one hits you when you have no keys, you stand frozen for ten seconds. However, if you get hit with your keys, they are scattered about and you have to re-collect them before they return to their original spots. If you can defeat an enemy, though, five seconds is added to your timer.

Sonic's attacks are lessened a good deal with the speed-down shoes. His speed is also very sluggish and you think this leaves you open to attack. On the contrary, there is a way you can fight back: the spin dash. Press either button 1 or 2 to start the spin and you'll notice an arrow bar beside Sonic. As you hold the spin button, the bar will go back and forth from one highlighted arrow to four, the latter being the strongest dash and the former being the weakest. After releasing the button, you go zooming depending on how much the spin is charged but if you push the button again, you can stop with a skid. This is your means of attack but it can be a trifle difficult to control.

Like with the previous Sonic games, power-ups are scattered about the levels and are at your disposal. However, these power-ups are shown by small triangles and to activate them, all you need to do is touch them. A few examples of these power-ups are the Power Sneaker which increases your walking distance for a limited time, the Invincibility which makes you immune to enemy attacks for a limited time, and the Hourglass which adds a very helpful 30 seconds onto your timer.

Button 1 Spin Dash
Button 2 Select Game Choice/ Spin Dash
Start Button Pause Game
Stage Select Option
Wait for the title screen to appear with the words "Press Start Button." Not hit Up two times, Right three times, Down six times, and Left nine times. Now the word "Select" should appear beside the Sonic Labyrinth title. Press Start and you will see the normally place sound test is now replaced with a stage select option.
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