Sonic The Hedgehog 1991 By: Sega

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The world of Sonic The Hedgehog goes portable!

OK, so you don't have the Gamegear and you can't go portable. However, you can play this game based on the famous hedgehog Sonic, who at the time, was just beginning his life in the video game world.


The object of the game is to defeat Dr. Robotnik, by running through several levels of spikes, flames, robots, and even Dr. Robotnik himself. Along the way, Sonic will pick up rings, which can protect him if he accidentally hits a bad guy, spikes, etc. However, if he has no rings when he's hit, he's dead. He can also find stars which make him temporarily immortal. Then if he can find power sneakers, he can run like heck. There's tons of cool things, but why not play the game for yourself and find them?

Button 1 Jumps
Button 2 Jumps
Start Button Starts game from start menu
Avoid the spikes!
There is a sign that warns you there are spikes just ahead. Watch for these signs!
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