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A big step up from the original Streets of Rage, even if it's a step down from the consoles. This feature-rich title on Genesis turns into a watered-down portable in a disappointing way. Three simple statements can sum up this game... Less Characters, Less Options, and Less Room!
Everything about the run of the mill beat'em'up is still here, with a few exceptions. The run of the mill is exactly the problem, for such an amazing game and hyped port, this was, as I said, a disappointment. The game-play feels a bit awkward at times, jumping from such a grand scale to a few simple moves. Not all the complex maneuvers found in the home version of this game are there, and it really makes the game as a beat'em'up feel lacking. Some of the weapons are gone, life bars don't exist on 90% of enemies (thanks to smaller screen), and levels are shortened and entirely flat, giving a lot less depth to the game. The enemies are all still there, surprisingly enough, but lack names and fewer of them. This sometimes stings the game-play, as if they felt, to make up for fewer enemies, they had to make them impossible to defeat. Even more harsh is the fact that to keep game-play alive they made it faster. Though faster could be better, this makes it frantic, confusing. As an added bonus however, special moves no longer require health. This comes in handy while facing bosses.

Every character essentially looks and feels the same. This is a big disappointment with already lacking character sprites and other nice graphics. Unlike the Genesis, where there was a severe sense of speed and strength. But surprisingly, almost all the destructible objects are present, as well mini-bosses. But those too are missing some, as the levels in the game have been taken from 8 to 5, just as in the original SOR port.

Bosses grew out of their boring stage into mini-bosses and huge end of level bosses. Thank goodness, or else bosses would have been utterly worthless and as annoying as the enemies throughout the levels. This part stays quite loyal to the Genesis, and you can see the purposefully used levels that repeat bosses.

The storyline keeps you just as involved. Adam, from the original SOR, has been kidnapped, and Blaze informs Axel that it could be the Syndicate! Back again are this evil group to take over the city and a new recharged Mr. X is here to see the city crumble! Now, with the help of Skate, Adam's brother, you feel impelled to save Adam. Save Adam and rescue the city, all in under an hour... Life is Sweet, Very Sweet!

Unfortunately, the handheld Streets of Rage 2 lacks gameplay and some features I feel they probably could have left in, but instead sacrificed them for other un-needed features.

I have to give SOR 2 a 6 out 10.


Walk the streets (of rage ... I couldn't help it), alley, bars, ships, and anything else you can walk over, as man by man and piece by piece, you take the Syndicate out of commission once again. Use your fists and feet, ground or air, weapons and destructible environments, and for the first time, use a special attack, even more than once throughout a level, rather than simply call on the police and have them desert you afterward, to tear apart each enemy as they try to stop you on your path to save Adam. Pull off what combos you can, to take out chunks of the bad guys' health. Throw enemies into one another to cause a great deal of damage, and break objects around you to find helpful items! Pick up money bags to increase your score, Apples to heal you 25% and Meat, a whole 100%! Any enemies on the screen will quickly try to surround you, and if they succeed they will defeat you easily. I suggest you learn to hit behind you fast. Take down wave after wave of criminal gangs to reach the huge bosses as they try to eliminate your threat on the big Mr. X!

Select From:

Axel - Returning to the streets as a main character from streets of rage, but much improved. Strong, but Slower!

Blaze - The female returnee from SOR, this time here to save her friend and city. Average.

Skate - A newcomer at a very young age; to save his brother, he will do anything. Fast, but weak!

Walk and beat your way through each level, ranking your score higher and higher with everything you pick up and every baddie you put down. Defeat all the bosses, make the streets peaceful again, and save Adam's life.

Can you handle it?

A Button Punch
B Button Jump
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button N/A
Hit Behind / Special Move
Pressing A+B while NOT in motion will allow you to quickly attack an enemy behind you. While in motion it will let you perform a special attack at no cost!
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