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Since their last adventure, Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles Prower, aka Tails, decided to spend some time apart and go off to spend their much needed vacation at different areas. As he flew around during his off time, Tails discovered an uncharted island and landed there. He decided to spend his holiday on said isle and named it "Tails Island." While taking a little rest, he was awakened with a start by a loud explosion. A Flicky hurriedly flew toward Tails and gave him a startling bit of news: an army of duck-like creatures have invaded the island. Now it's up to Tails to shed the role of sidekick and play hero for this new adventure.
While Tails Adventure takes a different route from the previous Sonic titles, the style this game has present works in a way that is enjoyable. A more slow-paced feel, this game deals more so with exploration and collecting items rather than zipping to the end of the level. The graphics are very lush and colorful, the Game Gear's graphical capability pushed another step further. The music you hear in each area is fitting to the surroundings, whether or not the specific track is pleasing to the ears. All in all, Tails Adventure is a fun little game and I say give this one a play.


Tails Adventure is a game that shares elements of a side scrolling platformer as well as an RPG. While the layout is very familiar to those that enjoy old school games, they'll also find some role-playing elements in the collecting and backtracking aspects of the game. Sometimes you'll need to backtrack in order to reach different areas with the items or weapons you collect.
First thing that you might see a difference, is in the selection of enemies. Instead of battling an army of robotic creatures or a mad scientist bent on kidnapping furry little animals, the majority of your opponents are duck-like creatures. Some of these enemies might be airborne, wielding a weapon to strike, or whatever the case may be. Most are easy enough to destroy, but others might require a strategy.
The one thing that Tails is very popular for are his two tails and the use of them to fly. He uses this in the game and it is needed to reach higher areas in the levels. But like in Sonic 3 and games after, the time at which he's in the air is limited and is displayed by the flight gauge that pops up when you're in midair. You essentially start at three, but as you earn the Chaos Emeralds, you earn more flight time. The Chaos Emeralds, this time around, are pretty much scattered all over, whether it's breaking a wall, reaching a platform, or defeating a boss. You'll need to seek them out.
Along with his physical ability, Tails is also known for his brains, and this is very prominent with the items you acquire. You start off with a seemingly infinite supply of bombs, but as you move onward, you'll pick up other things. A few examples are the Pikkon Hammer (almost reminiscent to Amy Rose's Piko Piko Hammer) which you can take out and strike enemies and breakable surfaces with, the Helmet that Tails can draw and protect himself but which limits his movement to nothing, the Knuckles emblem that allows Tails to strike with a difficult to master punch, and so on. But the most vital item is possibly the Mecha Tails robot that can fit into areas that Tails himself can't get into. It can also pick up items and fly, but once it takes damage, it returns to Tails.
Tails' health is indicated by the ring monitor in the upper left hand corner. Starting out, you'll only be given a 10 ring health count. Depending on the kind of gamer you are, you'll take some damage, but you can grab more coins by finding rings or destroying breakable surfaces or defeating enemies to make them drop for easy pickings. Your health meter can be extended in the same manner as your flight gauge; by collecting Chaos Emeralds.

Button 1 Use Weapon/Item
Button 2 Jump
Start Button Pause Game
Password: All Chaos Emeralds
After going to the Continue screen, enter this password:
A767 AA3A 58A6 ED16
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