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The real story here is how bizarre it is to be playing an emulator with an emulator.

(Definitely not from the manual!)

--From the GBA Activision Anthology instruction manual.

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"Activision Anthology" is a game that aims to entertain those with the shortest of attention spans. That's because "Activision Anthology" is actually ten Atari 2600 games being emulated through a t.v. from the 1980s. The soundtrack is pure '80s synth, and of course, instantly catchy. The Game Boy Advance doesn't have quite as many games as the "Activision Anthology" versions released for other platforms, but it has enough to be entertaining and definitely warrants a play. Games like "Bloody Human Freeway" are nothing short of hilarious (especially when you realize the human is immortal). "Boxing", and "Chopper Command" are likely to produce nostalgia for the more seasoned gamer.


Every game has a manual that can be viewed by pressing the left arrow at the game start screen.

- Game Boy Advance Controller -
Up Scroll up
Down Scroll down
Left View manual
Right View box
A Button Play
B Button Back
R Button N/A
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