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The only discernible story is offered in the Arcade mode, where the player is informed that they are not allowed to skate in that area. The character informing the player of their persona non grata status then challenges the player to complete a series of challenges, if the challenges are met, a new stage is unlocked. If the player is able to impress their peers, new areas can be accessed.

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--From the GBA Aggressive Inline instruction manual.

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"Aggressive Inline" is a inline rollerblading game featuring professional skaters, a wide range of tricks (literally hundreds), a surprisingly good soundtrack (featuring the same tracks from the console versions), and large street style skating courses. For the first couple hours of play, I was completely satisfied to front flip onto my head, or grind into a 180 degree spin into a garage door. This game is brutal! As with most activities that could result in grievous bodily harm, it's a blast to play. As I dug deeper into "Aggressive Inline", I discovered more nuance and depth that I came to appreciate.

Always too big (or heavy) to rollerblade as a kid, I used to watch in wonder as skaters flew by at break neck speed, launching off a ramp, twisting in the air as they grabbed their skates, accomplishing tricks that I could only dream of. "Aggressive Inline" nails all the speed, intensity, and aggressiveness of an inline X-Games competition. The controls are tight and responsive, a must for a game where the slightest misstep might mean leaving your molars on the curb. I maximized the window to the full extent of my screen while playing "Aggressive Inline" on the Console Classix site, and was impressed with the graphics, and smoothness of the transitions. Once I figured out the system to unlock more stages and characters, I was hooked. Since beginning my play-through, I've logged around five hours of game time, and I know I'll be back for more. "Aggressive Inline" is a white knuckled, wild ride, with a surprising amount of content and depth, and is sure to please even the most fickle of gamers.


While there are only initially four courses and ten different characters to choose from, the player can double those numbers by progressing through the Arcade Mode. Players also are able to level up their character by performing tricks. Once the same type of trick has been performed successfully enough times the player's trick will level up, making it easier for players to perform those types of tricks.

In Arcade Mode, each course has three or four challenges that must be completed. Adding to the difficulty, the Arcade Mode has a rather short timer in which the objectives must be met. The added pressure results in forcing the player to have a 'go big or go home' attitude. Players can practice tricks with no time limit in Freestyle Mode, and players can challenge friends in Multiplayer Mode.

- Game Boy Advance Controller - z
Up Skate faster
Down Skate backwards
Left Turn left
Right Turn Right
A Button Jump
B Button Grind
R Button Rotate
L Button Flip
Start Button Pause
Select Button N/A
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