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An alien organism laden meteor has crashed in the desert. Unfortunately, the alien life forms are hostile, and evolve faster than anything human kind is familiar with. As the single celled alien life rapidly evolves into terrifying monsters (referred to as Genus), a group of scientist are deployed to research and destroy the alien scourge. The scientists had gained control and subdued the alien intruders, but something went wrong at the research facility the aliens were being housed in, and command is now unable to contact the scientists that are supposed to be researching the Genus. After the scientists go missing, it's up to Dr. Ira Kane to find out what went wrong, but Kane must make haste, because plan B is dropping a nuclear warhead on the Southwest. If Kane is able to rescue the missing scientists and control the lab outbreak, the military will grant him a lucrative defense contract (because saving the world isn't motivation enough).

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"Alienators: Evolution Continues" is a side-scrolling platform game based on the U.K. cartoon by the same name. With a fun story, and easily mastered game play, "Alienators: Evolution Continues" doesn't break new ground in gaming, but does a great job delivering the gaming aspects that it chose to focus on, such as a fun story, huge levels, humorous characters, great colors, and well constructed enemies.

It is unsurprising that "Alienators: Evolution Continues" is based on a cartoon, as the graphics of the game are very cartoon, and quite similar in appearance and feel to "Earthworm Jim". "Alienators: Evolution Continues" embraces the fact that cartoony graphics work exceptionally well on the Game Boy Advance, as evidenced in the impressive graphics of the cut scenes, (that look as if they are ripped straight from a comic book) and gameplay. The levels are absolutely enormous, which can get to be a little bit frustrating when the player reaches a locked door and must backtrack to find the key. In later levels, the rhythm of the game can start to feel a little bit repetitive as the player spends most of their time looking for a specific object to progress the level.

The repetitive feel of "Alienators: Evolution Continues" is somewhat mitigated by the smooth controls, and detailed alien monster enemies. Back tracking can be frustrating in any game, but when the gameplay is so easy and fun, it doesn't feel like such a chore. While the aliens are intricately detailed, they respawn immediately after a player has progressed past the point of the stage that the alien was killed, meaning if you travel ten feet past the alien's kill location and then walk back, the alien will be alive and waiting for you. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that the levels are packed with enemies, so don't be shy with your ammo, and keep your finger on the trigger. The enemy respawn system doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the gameplay, although, I wish that there was at least some type of delay before enemies respawned.

The only other critique I had of "Alienators: Evolution Continues" is its difficulty, or lack thereof. I don't think that I died once in my play through. This was in no small part due to the enormous life bar that the character begins the game with. The character also doesn't seem to take much damage when hit by aliens, which meant that I felt immortal while jumping between buildings and blasting aliens. While playing on Console Classix, I highly suggest playing on your TV or a larger computer monitor, the graphics will hold up. "Alienators: Evolution Continues" is a an entertaining side scrolling shooter that appeals to the kid in all of us. If you liked "Earthworm Jim" more than "Contra", then this is the scrolling shooter for you.


As with most side scrolling shooters, the point it to get from one end of the stage to the other and progress the game. The player will begin the game with only one life. Players will find secondary weapon items scattered around levels, but I didn't find them that useful. Weapons such as the grenade launcher shoot in an arc and can be difficult to hit moving enemies with. Enemies can be shot through floating land structures (so if the player is standing underneath a platform, and an enemy is on that platform, the player need only look up and fire to kill the alien).

The player's character will have to jump, climb, and explore each level to obtain items that will open the obstructions blocking the players progress. Players will also be tasked with finding data discs throughout many of the levels. "Alienators: Evolution Continues" features very simple gameplay, but will inundate the player with hordes of aliens (especially in later levels), enough to prevent the player from having a chance to relax.

"Alienators: Evolution Continues" has three different difficulties, but should really only be played on Hard (even then it is very easy). Unfortunately the game doesn't have a save function, and instead utilizes the password system.

- Game Boy Advance Controller -
Up Look up / Climb up
Down Look down / Crouch / Climb down
Left Walk left
Right Walk right
A Button Jump
B Button Fire gun
R Button N/A
L Button Secondary weapon fire
Start Button Pause
Select Button N/A
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