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As a driver new to the ATV game, you seek to make a name for yourself while building your reputation as the king of the Dust Bowl.

(Definitely not from the manual!)

--From the GBA ATV: Quad Power Racing instruction manual.

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There are three elements required of a racing game for it to be a success. Those elements are depth of content, graphics, and controls. "ATV: Quad Power Racing" delivers superior graphics, the likes of which I have never seen before from a game on the Game Boy Advance. Creating a 3D game on the GBA system's hardware is an ambitious enterprise, pulling it off is an challenge, but "ATV: Quad Power Racing" accomplishes just that. Even playing "ATV: Quad Power Racing" on an enlarged screen, on the Console Classix site, did not diminish my opinion of the game's graphical prowess, simply put, it looks gorgeous.

Unfortunately, the inital good impression didn't last for long, as the frustrating controls can be maddening. When flying around a dirt race track at over 100mph, tight controls are a necessity. The lack of control response and a slippery track threatened to fling my ATV off the road at every turn. I understand that this isn't a NASCAR vehicle, and I'm sure that wonky controls is something that makes this type of race exciting, but the gameplay can be incredibly frustrating. The interaction with the other ATV drivers is untenable. Upon coming into contact with an opponent's ATV, the player's ATV will bounce in the opposite direction, which is usually right off the track. The acceleration of the player's ATV is also decimated when hit by an opponent, causing the rest of the racers to fly by the player, spitting dirt as they pass. The power-ups that are sprinkled throughout the track don't do much to help the player because as they raise one attribute they lower another. The increase in acceleration is pretty useless when it drops the ATVs handling to a point that makes it uncontrollable. These issues forced me to actually avoided power-ups and opponents while I raced around the track. A big part of the fun of any racing game is running your opponent off the road, but the flubber-like reaction of the player's ATV upon impact makes ATV contact undesirable.

"ATV: Quad Power Racing" does not lack content, and features a variety of tracks, ATVs, and challenge levels. How much the player is affected by the control issues will be the deciding factor of the game's enjoyment value. I was both very impressed and disappointed in "ATV: Quad Power Racing", but regardless of its issues, this game is the pinnacle of the what the GBA hardware can accomplish graphically. "ATV: Quad Power Racing" is a beautiful mess, but beautiful nonetheless.


There are 10 attractive and unique tracks for players to test their skills on, each track and be played on one of three circuit difficulties (stock, pro, and open). The courses differ in terms of setting and obstacles presented. Players can choose between up to 9 different ATVs to race. Each ATV has a different speed, acceleration, and handling characteristics. ATVs and racetracks must be unlocked by completing races in Challenge mode.

There is a challenge mode, and an arcade mode available to players. Racetracks, and ATVs are unlocked in challenge mode, while in Arcade mode the player has the chance to use any of the ATVs unlocked on any course.

Power-ups are scattered throughout the tracks and are activated upon being picked up. Some of the power-ups include increased speed, acceleration, traction, or air time (but remember as they boost one attribute they decrease other).

"ATV: Quad Power Racing" utilizes a password save system.

The player is able to change the view at any time by pressing SELECT

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A Button Accelerate
B Button Reverse
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