Battle Bots Design & Destroy 2002 By: Majesco

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Based on the popular contests aired on Comedy Central, this GBA game from Majesco allows players to design and build their own robots, choosing from a selection of armor, weapons, motors, and other parts, then pit their creations against Battle Bots champions made famous on television, such as Overkill and Biohazard. Up to four link-cable connected gamers can also fight against one another, in all-out free-for-all battles.

--From the GBA Battle Bots Design & Destroy instruction manual.

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"Battle Bots Design & Destroy" is a high octane arena battle game with a surprising amount of depth and addictive gameplay. Based on the popular TV show "Battle Bots", the player must face off with three other robotic instruments of destruction in a variety of different battle arenas. The gameplay very closely resembles the action seen on the show, robots equipped with drills, buzz saws, and hammers go to war in a mini-arena of death, featuring spiked walls, bladed floors, and moving conveyer belts. While the environment can be just as deadly as the robot gladiators, the attention of "Battle Bots Design & Destroy" is justly focused on the robots.

As the name implies, "Battle Bots Design & Destroy" is steeped in the designing aspect of the robots. In the tournament mode, the player has to build a robot from scratch with a limited budget. Should you focus more on armor, spring for the diamond tipped drill bit, or invest in a more powerful battery? The player must also consider the weight of the robot, which determines the weight class the robot is entered in. I built three different robots that got demolished by the first opponent immediately, but as I learned to balance my robot, I began to advance through the tournament. Winning tournaments and getting sponsorships are necessary if the player wants to make enough money to fix and upgrade their robot. The tournament mode had a lot more depth than I expected, and the robot building system was the game's strongest point.

The graphics are 2-D, and somewhat uninspired, but the fighting gameplay is entertaining, exciting, and easy to get the hang of. The sound effects support the action with wails of metal grinding on metal, and the heavy metal head banger music compliments the energy of battle perfectly. The arena action can get a little bit frustrating, but "Battle Bots Design & Destroy" allows the player to adjust the time limit of the rounds, hastening a return the machine shop to work on the robot. "Battle Bots Design & Destroy" is an addictive Gameboy Advance title whose appeal eclipses the show that birthed it.


"Battle Bots Design & Destroy" features over-head, 2-D action on an isometric battle board. The battle board allows up to four robots to fight at one time. The player can challenge from one to three opponents at the same time.

"Battle Bots Design & Destroy" has three different modes of play. In the TOURNAMENT mode, the player must create a robot to compete in one of four different weight divisions. Each weigh division has four different opponents. The player is able to earn money for winning battles, and obtaining sponsors. Content is unlocked by winning battles in the TOURNAMENT mode. In the BRAWL mode, the player can customize a single battle, choosing the robots and the arena. The MULTIPLAY mode enables the player to battle a friend with a GBA link.

Each arena presents a different set of environmental hazards.

"Battle Bots Design & Destroy" utilizes the password system to recall progress.

- Game Boy Advance Controller -
Up Move forward
Down Move backward
Left Rotate left
Right Rotate right
A Button Weapon1
B Button Weapon 2
R Button Weapon 3 / Repair part
L Button Player view
Start Button Pause
Select Button N/A
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