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Screw your family, truck other road users, and swindle your way to a fortune! Ma Jackson, owner of Big Mutha Truckers Inc., has announced to her four kids that she's planning on retiring. Choosing the new owner of the company will not be easy, as Ma's kids are a difficult bunch. The solution? A Trial by Truckin' - whoever makes the most money trucking through Hick State County in 60 days takes control of the company.

--From the GBA Big Mutha Truckers instruction manual.

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There is something magical about the open road. The slightly acidic scent of diesel fuel, flashes of red and blue lights in the side mirror, the screaming of sirens, the whistle of bullets, the life of a trucker is not an easy one, but as "Big Mutha Truckers" proves, it's a life of pure excitement. "Big Mutha Truckers" could have provided the player with the opportunity to run various missions, judged the player's run with a rating system, and called it a day, a feature that is available in MISSION MODE, but the real fun ensues in TRIAL BY TRUCKIN' mode in which the player must prove themselves worthy of inheriting Ma's lucrative trucking business.

In "Big Mutha Trucker's" story mode, the player must drive from city to city, dropping off cargo and making money. The player gets to choose one of four siblings to play as. The sibling with the most amount of money at the end of 60 days of trucking will inherit Ma's business. "Big Mutha Truckers" enables the player to use the money made on truck runs to make improvements to the player's rig. Upgrades like a bull guard and advanced air brakes can make a huge difference on the open road. When not on the road, the player must navigate menus to visit bars, garages, and local stores. The player is able to interact with a variety of characters in each city, such as loan sharking bar patrons, and advice giving bartenders, the player can even play slot machines while in bars (although amount of money that can be won is very small).

"Big Mutha Truckers" solidifies its must play status by providing the player a fun and quirky arcade-style racing game. "Big Mutha Truckers" is not a simulation game. The runs between towns feel like a mix of "GTA" and "Destruction Derby". If struck, the police will throw caution (and self preservation) to the wind as they smash the player's truck in an attempt force the player to pull over. Gangs of bikers will shoot at and pursue the player if hit. Of course, you're in an 18 wheeler so there is no need to slow down! "Big Mutha Truckers" actually encourages aggressive driving in the form of the "Crash Cash Bonus", which rewards the player for damaging other vehicles. The crash sound effects, hillbilly music track, and screaming pedestrians make the 3-D trucking even more satisfying. While I did find the polygon graphics impressive, I do suggest limiting your gaming window size to maybe half of your computer screen so that the images remain sharp. "Big Mutha Truckers" is a game most enjoyed by those with a sense of humor, and will have the player giggling from all the jokes that come at the lower 48 states expense. With its surprising depth of content, hilarious NPCs, and addictive gameplay, "Big Mutha Truckers" is undoubtedly one of the most unique and addictive gaming experiences available in the expansive Console Classix library.


"Big Mutha Truckers" features three different modes of play. In the MULTI-PLAYER mode, the player can race against a friend. In the MISSION MODE the player has the opportunity to run missions and receive a rating based on their performance. In the TRIAL BY TRUCKIN' mode, the player chooses one of four siblings to compete for Ma's trucking business. When competing for Ma's trucking business, the player will have 60 days to make more money than the other siblings.

In between trucking missions the player will navigate areas using a menu interface. The player can upgrade their truck in the garage, visit the bar to get advice on cargo, or visit the local store to purchase various types of cargo. Cargo can only be carried on a trailer that facilitates that specific type of cargo. The player can swap trailers at the garage.

To earn cash the player must run loads of cargo between cities. Certain cargo will be highly valuable in specific cities at different points in the game. The player can find out which load is being highly valued by speaking to the bartender in the town.

In the bar the player can take out loans with a loan shark, and play a slot machine.

During missions the police, and motorcyclists will give chase if hit. The player is able to earn bonuses for causing traffic destruction en route. At the end of a run, the player must back their trailer into the highlighted spot to receive a bonus.

Players can view their reputation and map in the pause menu.

"Big Mutha Truckers" utilizes a save feature to recall progress.

- Game Boy Advance Controller -
Up Menu navigation
Down Menu navigation
Left Turn left
Right Turn right
A Button Accelerate
B Button Reverse
R Button Shift
L Button Horn
Start Button Pause
Select Button Change view
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