BMX Trick Racer 2003 By: Simon & Schuster Interactive

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Gamers race and rip tricks on 15 street and dirt tracks in unique BMX environments that go through cities, jungles, deserts, mountains, snow and ice. The goal is to rack up as many points as possible with real BMX tricks and a few unreal ones while facing obstacles you won?t find in other BMX games such as ramps, springs and collapsing bridges. In single-player mode, gamers compete against five other bikers who push you to the limit to race like a pro.

--From the GBA BMX Trick Racer instruction manual.

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"BMX Trick Racer" is a 2-D side scrolling, BMX racing game that features both a racing and trick mode. "BMX Trick Racer" is a very slick looking game. From the detailed player sprites, to the intricate backgrounds (the first level is a jungle), everything about this game looks shiny and new, but alas all that glitters is not gold.

"BMX Trick Racer" has problems incorporating the play mechanics into the actual gameplay. For example, the riders race so fast that it is nearly impossible to perform a trick without face planting. This is because the scrolling is so fast paced that it is very difficult to know when to disengage from a trick (if not disengaged the rider will wipe out). The player's sprite is centered low on the screen, which means that the player has even less time to react to the platform that must be landed on. The mechanics make the TRICK mode a terribly frustrating ordeal for the player.

In the racing mode, the player will have to complete three runs of the same event before the race reaches its conclusion, making the racing aspect feel a tad repetitive despite the gorgeous levels. The competing racers do not physically impact each other, which seemed kind of odd for a racing game. The racers will race by each other without ever making contact. When racers make contact with an obstacle, such as a rock or fallen tree, the game's physics react as if the BMX was made of flubber, launching the player in the opposite direction and destroying any momentum.

There is a decent amount of unlockable content in "BMX Trick Racer", but the content is rendered superfluous by its inability to influence the gameplay. There is no noticeable difference between riders or bikes (even though they all have varying statistics). "BMX Trick Racer" is very pleasing to look at, but struggles to incorporate its game mechanics and form a cohesive gaming experience for the player.


"BMX Trick Racer" features three modes of play: PRACTICE, EXHIBITION, and TOUR. The PRACTICE mode grants players the chance to work on their tricks. The EXHIBITION and TOUR mode both offer the option of either competing in racing or trick performance.

There are three different difficulties: AMATEUR, PRO, and EXPERT.

There are 15 different race environments available.

Racers, and bikes are unlocked by placing in the top three of the racing mode, or winning the trick mode.

There are initially six racers to choose from, and up to 11 BMX bikes can be unlocked.

- Game Boy Advance Controller -
Up Hold up to vary trick
Down Hold down to vary trick
Left Brake / Change direction
Right Brake / Change direction
A Button Jump
B Button Perform trick
R Button Perform trick
L Button Perform trick
Start Button Pause
Select Button N/A
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