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DSI Games has gathered together some of the greatest board games of all times in its BOARD GAME CLASSICS compilation game for the Game Boy Advance. The compilation includes CHESS, CHECKERS, and BACKGAMMON. Each game has several different options for players. In CHESS, for example, gamers can watch fantasy and sci-fi pieces battle it out each time a piece is taken. CHECKERS, too, has several different themed boards, including space and Atlantis, that can change the look and feel of the game. All three games have different difficulty settings for players. Variants on the traditional rules are also available for each game. In addition to challenging the AI to a match or playing through a tournament, players can also use the GBA link to challenge friends to any of the three games using any of the rule variations and settings. Gamers who love these three classic games are sure to enjoy their GBA incarnations, and the ability to challenge others to a match adds to the fun and replayability.

--From the GBA Board Game Classics instruction manual.

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"Board Game Classics" is a Gameboy Advance title that succeeds in its simplicity. Offering Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon, "Board Game Classics" features great graphics, and music, but is especially impressive in its approachability and ease of gameplay. The games are very straightforward, adjusts can be made to rules, difficulty, rounds, and time limits, all available to be changed in an easy to use menu interface.

"Board Game Classics" has a multi-player mode where players can challenge friends, but really shines in its single player mode. If the player's goal is to actually get better at the board game of their choosing, the difficulty scaling can be very beneficial. I was able to beat the computer challenger easily on the EASY difficulty setting, but could only win about 2 out of every 5 games on NORMAL. HARD was very challenging, but not impossible (while not able to win a game on HARD, I was still able to score). If the player is able to defeat the computer on HARD, the GENIUS setting is unlocked.

"Board Game Classics" is a stellar game because the game's execution is so fluid and intuitive. I never felt lost or confused by the interface, mechanics, or menus. "Board Game Classics" is the perfect game for a desktop because it's so easy to leave mid game and come back to, all a player has to do is look at the clearly illustrated board to make a move. "Board Game Classics" proves that a game doesn't have to have complicated gameplay and intricate mechanics to be fun, it succeeds in providing a simple and entertaining platform for the player to hone their skills and work on strategy, or just kill some time.


"Board Game Classics" offers CHESS, BACKGAMMON, and CHECKERS.

Players can adjust difficulty, gaming mode, and music in the set-up menu that launches prior to the game.

"Board Game Classics" utilizes a password feature to recall progress.

- Game Boy Advance Controller -
Up Move cursor up
Down Move cursor down
Left Move cursor left
Right Move cursor right
A Button Cancel selection
B Button Select piece / Place piece
R Button N/A
L Button Hold to show computer's last move
Start Button Pause
Select Button N/A
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