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Britney Spears is looking for back up dancers for her next world tour and she wants you to audition! Show Britney your hottest moves by keeping to the beat of her chart topping songs. Unlock exclusive Britney video footage, gain access to more songs, and eventually earn your place to dance along side Britney.

--From the GBA Britney's Dance Beat instruction manual.

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"Britney's Dance Beat" is a very simple game wherein the player is tasked with executing dance movies to Britney Spears songs. This is accomplished in a Dance Dance Revolution fashion that is appropriate for the Gameboy Advance. Players must hit buttons with appropriate timing as a dial spins. The successful execution of Britney's dance moves are dependent on the accuracy with which the player is able to hit the buttons in time. Unfortunately the player will be too focused on the spinning dial to pay much attention to Britney's dance moves. The music in "Britney's Dance Beat" isn't exactly the Britney Spears that you hear off of an album, but its close enough to be catchy and way beyond the elevator keyboard music that is featured in many games. I couldn't help but bob my head as I successfully pirouetted Britney on stage.

My hopes were not high when approaching "Britney's Dance Beat", but this game proved it's not always prudent to judge a game by its box. "Britney's Dance Beat" was just simple and fun gameplay all the way around. Even the mini-games, which are merely a scrambled picture tile slide, are executed with such fluidity that you can't help but get sucked in. "Britney's Dance Beat" is definitely worthy of a play for gamers with some time to kill, but for Britney fans, "Britney's Dance Beat" is a title that can't be overlooked.


Players must hit buttons as a spinning dial passes over them to receive points, and pass the minimum score of a stage to advance. There are five different stages and Britney songs available.

"Britney's Dance Beat" features a DANCE MODE, where players dance with Britney, a 2-PLAYER option where players can challenge friends, and a PUZZLE mode that has mini-game slide puzzles.

If the player is able to complete the game, they will be rewarded with a one minute full motion video of Britney performing.

"Britney's Dance Beat" uses a password to recall progress.

- Game Boy Advance Controller -
Up Menu and puzzle navigation
Down Menu and puzzle navigation
Left Menu and puzzle navigation
Right Menu and puzzle navigation
A Button Dance move / Select
B Button Dance move / Cancel
R Button Dance move
L Button Dance move
Start Button Pause
Select Button N/A
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