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The year is 1830. In an ancient castle on the outskirts of the Austrian empire, a demon lord that would unite the powers of darkness was being resurrected at the hand of a fiend yearning for chaos. At this demonic castle, Camilla, one of Dracula's minions, began the incantation of a ritual to bring her lord Dracula back to life. The vampire hunter Morris and his two apprentices, Nathan and Hugh, sensed an abnormality in the balance of nature and rushed to prevent Dracula's unholy reemergence. "That unholy monster must never return!" However, they arrived too late to prevent Dracula's return from his confinement. Dracula used his magical powers to imprison Morris, and cast Nathan and Hugh into a graveyard underneath the demonic castle. Together the two began to search through the castle in order to vanquish Dracula and to rescue their master.

--From the GBA Castlevania Circle of the Moon instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 3 copies are available for full accounts.
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