Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga 2003 By: Nintendo

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In what i would call a sequel to super Mario rpg, the goodwill ambassador from the beanbean kingdom comes to pay the mushroom kingdom a visit, but little does princess peach know they have another motive, allowing them into her castle princess peach greets them in her throne room, they then gas they princess and steal her voice and replaced it with an explosive vocabulary? Yea kinda babyish. So whenever she talks explosives come out of her speech bubble. Bowser who came to kidnap the princess joins forces with mario because he doesn't want princess peach in this state, so his motive is to get back princess peach's voice so that he can kidnap her. If you love final fantasy and mario then this is the game for you although if you don't like one of those you probably wont like this. It implements gamplay from both final fantasy and the classic 2-d side scroller, During battle you're given opportunity's to dodge and attack combos (see in-game battle tutorial) It's not what i would call a bad game, smooth graphics good game play however somethings just annoy me mainly the low hits its not very exciting when your dealing damage of 2's or 3's they could have simply just put up the enemies health and raised the power accordingly, granted that you do obviously increase in power as you progress but for the first 10 minutes it may put you off. There are more pros than cons in my opinion, for example the fact that no one in the game knows who Luigi is, and are constantly just calling him marios brother or Mr. Green or green mustache or... you get the idea.


The main objective of the game is to find princess peaches voice, you come across a few side quests of course gaining new weapons and such, the story is actually quite interesting, as an RPG should be, so i won't spoil any twist and turns the storyline takes, the game has the biggest tutorial I've seen in an rpg which is good because i guess the storyline mabye more for the younger generation of gamer, although the game play is fun and can be enjoyed by many, your always coming across new aspects of the game play so i guess you could say the tutorial never stops for most of the tutorial screens you are given the option to go through it or not which is a feature which not many games have seen fit to include and i wished more games saw the sense to put that in, even final fantasy is guilty of that.

A Button Front man action (mario battle: fight/dodge)
B Button Back man action (luigi battle: fight/dodge
L Button Back man overworld action change
R Button Front man overworld action change
Start Button switch mario and luigi's postions outside of battle
Select Button pause menu
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