007: The World Is Not Enough 2001 By: EA Games

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An agent delivering a report from the Russian Atomic Energy Department was murdered just before making his delivery. You play as James Bond and other characters to find out who the murderer is and return some stolen money to the King. Based on the storyline of the movie, 007 THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, the game spans 14 levels, each with several tasks you have to complete. This adventure offers three different difficulty levels.


You go into the game as James Bond, find the objectives in your start menu, complete them, and move on to the next level. In the game, you want to get all the power-ups you can. Of course, you also always have to stay alive.
Using all of the weapons and gadgetry you can get your hands on, you'll be challenged to perform a multitude of tasks, including upend a terrorist attack and free hostages from a train station. To help you in your endeavors, you'll have access to items like a digital camera, night vision glasses, covert modem, grapple hook watch, bomb disposal kit, and about a dozen other items.
The game lets you pick your environment, your character, a scenario, and a range of weapons that will be in play.

A Button Select (in menu) / Action
B Button Attack / Shoot
Start Button Select (in menu) / Pauses Game
Select Button Shuffle and Select Weapons
Extra Points
Press Left+B in the Train Station.
Power Up
Press Right While Freeing Hostages
New Life
Press Left+Down during Terrorist Attack
Level Jump
Press Up+Up+B while using weapons
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