Alfred Chicken 1993 By: Mindscape

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Earth is under attack by the Mechachickens!
You are Alfred Chicken, and your friends (including your girlfriend Floella) have been kidnapped by the evil Mechachickens. Now you have to get them back.
This is easily one of the simplest games I have ever played. As soon as you press START you are in the first level. Each level has a different theme, and to win each level you either have to find the hidden door at the top of the area or defeat the Mechachicken boss.
This game is not in color, obviously, but the graphics are better than I thought they would be, very close to the cover art. But the gameplay music could be better: it is kind of like a mix between Kirby's Dreamland and cats scratching a chalkboard, seriously. All in all I give this game 2 out of 5 stars.


For those of you who have never played Alfred Chicken before, guide Alfred through each level with the directional arrows. Go through each area, trying to find the water pail (there is one on each level) and the button that will activate invisible pipes that you can use to climb up, to get to the doorway to complete the level.
Look out for rats, snails, mines, and lasers. To kill them, you have your beak as your weapon, but you can only use it as a weapon while you are in the air. When you jump, press the down directional to perform a downward spiral beak strike. Your second weapon is your eggs. To fire eggs press the B button. You only get to use the eggs after you find the water pail.

A Button JUMP
Start Button START, PAUSE
Select Button N/A
If Alfred is in a downward spiral long enough, his body will transform into a rocket and can take out multiple enemies in one spiral attack.
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