Arcade Classic 3 1995 By: Namco

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Choose between these two different but very similar games, Galaga and Galaxian. In both Galaga and Galaxian, fend off the the alien invasion and destroy all invaders.
This game uses retro arcade graphics as you would expect from NAMCO and good sound quality with official beep beep BEEP BEEP music. A fun and very addicting arcade game. In my opinion, Galaga and Glaxian are some of the best classic arcade games.


Control your ship with the directional arrows and fire your blaster with either the A or B buttons. The controls are the same for both games. Gameplay is basically the same as in Space Invaders: The enemy will move from side to side and get lower and lower. Eventually they will drop and fly down at you, and if you miss them in their descent they will reappear at the top of the screen. Destroy all of the enemy ships to clear the stage (each different color ship is worth a different amount of points), and try to get a high score.

Start Button START/PAUSE
Select Button N/A
Wave Strategy
The smartest thing to do is, when their spiral turns, be there ready and you can kill an entire wave faster.
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