Arcade Classic 4 1995 By: Nintendo

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Two memorable arcade games in one! In this bundle game, you get two beloved arcade games, Defender and Joust.

In Defender, aliens are trying to take over the Earth, and only you can help protect it. Get in your ship, and blast 'em all!

In Joust, you are in a medieval world, and you are a warrior. Clad in armor, and with your trusty ostrich steed, you must engage in battle, and fight other gladiators!

This game is good for nostalgic purposes. The graphics are not much to talk about. Pretty plain, in this gamer's opinion. The sounds are also lukewarm, with the only saving grace here being the music you must turn on by yourself at Options. The gameplay is classic, though, and will keep you going for a good time. I recommend this, if you don't mind the graphic or sound quality.


In Defender, you must keep going to the right, shooting enemies that get in your way, and also protecting the people below on the ground.

In Joust, your main objective is to defeat your enemies by riding over them on their own ostriches. You then must collect the egg that enemy drops, and you keep going.

A Button Flap (Joust).
Shoot (Defender).
B Button Same as A (Joust).
Bomb (Defender).
Start Button Pause Game
Rapid Fire/ Flap
Go down to Options in either Defender or Joust. Where you see Rapid Fire/Flap, highlight it, then press the button right.
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