Army Men 2 2000 By: Digital Eclipse

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This version of the game might be dumbed-down a bit from other Army Men games, to make it work on the game Boy, but it's still pretty decent. For the year 2000, the graphics weren't stunning and the sound gave me a headache. There is a multiplayer mode, but you have to take turns. If you like Toy Story, you might like this game. You are a toy soldier in the Green, following the Tan army as they make their escape. Your mission is to stop the evil General Tan. Show no mercy.


Control your soldier through the obstacle course with the Directional buttons. In the obstacle course look for signs, they have important instructions on them. Also look for a metal detector, this will help you find hidden items. Look for the enemy and kill them by pressing the A button. If you don't like your current weapon, change weapons with the B button. Other weapons include a rifle, flamethrower, and missile launcher. Press select when walking to start running. You cannot turn when running, or you will just start running in circles. You can, however, fire your weapon when running, so when you charge you can also return fire.

A Button Fire Weapon
B Button Change Weapons
Start Button Pause
Select Button Speed Boost
All missions open password:
Helicopter, Jeep, Grenade, Rifle
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