Asteroids 1991 By: Atari

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Asteroids is one of the many ultra mega classics in Console Classix's arsenal. This port to Gameboy is a lot of fun. The graphics are well drawn and the animation nice and smooth. The sound is reminiscent of the arcade version. The gameplay is the same as the arcade, except for the addition of the ability to play two players at the same time. You could cooperate or compete. The controls are the same except for one improvement. The ability to enter hyperspace has been move from the down direction to the A button, which makes for less accidental hyperspace travel. This port is just as good or better than its counterparts.


Choose one or two player mode. In two player mode, you and a friend will shoot Asteroids simultaneously. You must choose between cooperating or competing. In competitive mode you can destroy each other, in cooperative you can't.
Left and right will spin your ship. Pressing forward will fire your thrusters. The B button will fire your laser. Use the laser to destroy Asteroids before they hit you. The more Asteroids destroyed, the higher score you will receive. You may also dodge Asteroids with your thrusters or by pressing A to enter hyperspace. You will disappear for a moment and reappear randomly somewhere else on the screen when you use hyperspace. An extra man is awarded at ten thousand points, when you're out of men it's Game Over. Be sure to keep your eyes open for a spaceship, it will shoot at you. Destroy the ship for bonus points.

A Button Hyperspace
B Button Fire
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button None
Look before you jump
Before jumping into hyperspace, be sure that the screen isn't filled to the brim with tiny bits of asteroid. If it is really covered, you will probably appear right in front of a fragment only to explode.
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