Batman Beyond Return of the Joker 2000 By: Unisoft

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You are in the future. Gotham City is once again in peril, but Bruce Wayne is too old to fight crime as his alter ego Batman. Now you are the second generation Batman. But with some old enemies.
The street gang known as The JoKeRz have a new boss, Batman's greatest enemy, the JOKER. Not only that, some of The JoKeRz had their bodies genetically spliced with animals and are planning to leave Gotham City in ruins. During Bruce Wayne's press conference announcing his return to power in WAYNE INDUSTERIES, the Joker makes a surprise visit and kidnaps a shocked Bruce Wayne. Now you have to get him back and put the JoKeRz and their leader down once and for all.


Guide Batman through each level, fighting the evil Joker's thugs. Use the electronic doors and elevators to get to new floors and look for bat-a-rangs (they will restore your health). Watch out for booby traps and JoKeRz. At some points you may find yourself stuck in an area. Look closely at the walls, they may be giant building blocks; if they are, you can jump on them to get to the other side. I know that's kind of sketchy but you will know when you see it. Also some booby traps you may encounter are statues that shoot lasers at you and laser floors that will zap you if you step on them. You can use these traps to your advantage by knocking enemies onto them. The best (also the only) combination move is your flying dropkick (hold A and then press B). Use it to lay out the Joker and his thugs. This attack works best on big bulky enemies. Everything else is just Punch and Kick.

A Button JUMP
B Button PUNCH
Start Button START, PAUSE
Select Button N/A
C76564J Level 02
L88R8TC Level 03
Y539WZG Level 04
NX3TVFJ Level 05
NTTJ9KY Last stage
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