Battle Tanx 2000 By: 3D0

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He is Griffin. Leader of an army of tanks, searching for his lost love Madison. They are destined to be together, and Griffin vows that he will not rest until he finds her. He enters Los Angeles to battle the After Shocks, a rogue tribe of freaks. Perhaps they will have a clue to her location...
Battletanx for the Game Boy Color is basically a port from the Nintendo 64 version, although it turned into a simple top-down shooter. Also, it's simple and full of bugs. It's fun to try out, yet not as fun as the N64 Battletanx games.


Take control of Griffin as you blow up other tanks and turrets, gain coins for high score and objectives, run over taxis, and blow up buildings for routes (but only blow up the blue buildings).
You have three tanks to choose from: the Moto Tank, which is fast, but weak; the Goliath, which is a powerhouse, but is slow; and the M1A1, which is the median of the two in stats.
There are power-ups scattered around, such as missiles (which go through things), bouncy shots, invisibility, power-up, and even the nuke, which blows up everything on the screen. Be wary, you don't get to switch between them, and they are, in most situations, useless.

A Button Move Forward
B Button Fire
Start Button Pause
Select Button n/a
M1A1,W,K,3,Y - Level 02
Q,W,H,Goliath,X - Level 03
R,Goliath,K,N,Q - Level 04
6,Goliath,Moto,8,R - Level 05
H,Goliath,S,P,7 - Level 06
H,Goliath,R,Goliath,8 - Level 07
K,Moto,T,L,6 - Level 08
M1A1,M1A1,R,Q,7 - Level 09
W,M1A1,9,M,M - Level 10
W,Z,6,R,Q - Level 11
Y,Z,6,V,L - Level 12
D,M1A1,S,Moto,3 - Level 13
D,X,Q,M,9 - Level 14
C,Z,T,Z,4 - Level 15
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