Battletoads 1991 By: Tradewest

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While partying on Lost Vega, a deep-space leisure station, the three Battletoads - Zitz, Rash and Pimple, get pleasantly side-tracked by a Thallian Thorax Dancer. Unfortunately, the dancer isn't what she appears to be - and soon reveals herself as the evil Dark Queen!
The 'toads fight valiantly against overwhelming odds, but are eventually overpowered. Yet, all is not lost! Although Rash and Pimple are taken prisoner, Zitz makes it to the Toadster and burns space back to the Vulture and Professor T. Bird, the Battletoads' mentor. Rash and Pimple are taken away in the Gargantua to the planet Armagedda, but luckily Zitz and the Professor are hot on their trail... So, there's the situation, Zitz: the Dark Queen's 'toadnapped your best buddies - what're ya gonna do about it? You're gonna get real MAD, that's what you're gonna do - and then you're gonna get EVEN!
Professor Bird's gonna set you down on Armagedda, but from then on it's up to you. You've got a long way to go, Zitz - into caverns, across swamps and even through the belly of the dreaded Wurm. And ultimately, of course, you're gonna have to defeat the terrible, the towering, the truly 'toadsplatting Robo-Manus mutant! Have you got what it takes to be a bona-fide Battletoad? We'll soon see, one way or another..."

--From the Gameboy Battletoads instruction manual.

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Battletoads is a pretty fun arcade style beat-em-up game. The music was always very cool. The coolest thing about the graphics in Battletoads game, and its number one claim to fame, is the addition of huge body parts at the end of certain combos. The very last hit of almost all of the combos resulted in your fist or foot growing very large and then hitting your enemy with it. This was actually a huge craze at the time. The backgrounds looked good as well.
The controls were easy to learn and responsive. The gameplay is good side-scrolling fun. In one stage you get to ride a jet-ski and in another you get to fly a plane. If you like beat'em up games, give this one a try, it's a lot of fun.


Rescue your buddies, Rash and Pimple, from the evil Dark Queen. Do that by fighting your way through eight levels and defeating eight bosses. The bosses are: Sergeant Slaughter, Rat Rocket, The Darkling, Wicked Wurm, The Wurm's Brain, Big Blag, General Vermin, and Robo-Manus. There are only two items to speak of. The axe can be found in level one. It can be used to chop your enemies to death. The bird's spine can be found in level seven and can be used for killing enemies on balloons. There are no power-ups or extra men to find, you're pretty much on your own.

A Button Jump
B Button Action
Start Button Start, Pause
Select Button N/A
Third Boss Hint
When you take on the third boss, The Darkling, be sure not to touch him. If you do, it will take away half of your life.
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