Boggle Plus 1992 By: Sculptured Software

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Boggle is a game that will keep your brain on its toes. I have enjoyed playing Boggle since I was young. This Gameboy version is a lot of fun. The graphics are OK, but that really doesn't matter in this game. The music and sound are pretty annoying and distracting, they are better left off.
The gameplay is where this game excels. Try to make words out of the letters provided by connecting adjacent blocks. You may not use letters twice. Words have to be at least three letters long. There are tons of possibilities, which gives this game a lot of replayability. In the original game, you just had to make as many words as you could, and any words that you AND your opponent had didn't count. This version offers a few variations of the game that were a lot of fun.


Before you start you must put in your name and select a variation of Boggle to play. There is Boggle, Big Boggle, Anagrams, Categories, and Use All.  

After you choose which game to play, you can choose how many players you want. You can add up to four computer players. Then, you have to choose either single game, or tournament play. A single game is obviously a single game. A tournament consists of playing multiple games until a certain point score is reached.
Boggle is played by trying to make words by connecting adjacent letter blocks without using the same block twice. You have to get as many words as you can in three minutes. Big Boggle is the same, except the board is bigger. Anagrams is played the same, except you are only given one word at a time. You will have to figure out the word that uses all the letters given, in order to move on to the next. In Categories you will be given a category. You have to find a certain number of words that pertain to that category before the time limit is up.

D-pad Moves Cursor
A Button Select
B Button Cancel
Start Button Menu
Select Button Input Word
Try not to waste your time with the easy words until last. The easier words will probably be written down by your opponents too, so you won't get credit for them. Try to get the bigger, harder to find words first. If you run out of those, move on to typing out the easier words.
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