Boxxle 1989 By: Thinking Rabbit

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Boxxle is a fun and simple game. It's easy to learn, but hard to master. The graphics in this puzzle game are pretty good, but they don't need to be. The sounds are done well, but I find background music annoying. The gameplay is where this game really excels. You can play this game for a long time, and still be interested. It keeps throwing new puzzles at you that get harder and harder. You can even make your own for your friends to try and solve. The controls are pretty easy, you just walk around and push the boxes where you want them.


Use your wit to push the boxes onto the designated dots on the board in the least amount of steps to clear the level. The more steps you take, the less points you will get for clearing the level. You can only push the boxes, never pull. There is an Undo button that allows you to undo your last move, but other than that, you can only push the boxes. Each time you clear a level, it gives you a password and sends you to the next level that will be a little harder. There is also a mode in which you can make your own puzzles. You can select this mode at the beginning of the game.

A Button None
B Button Undo
Start Button Start/Menu
Select Button None
It's steps, not time
Your score will be based on how many steps you take, not how much time you used. Be sure to map out a plan before you even move, because you can stand there all day, but as soon as you take a step your score starts to be reduced. You don't want to take steps in the wrong direction.
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