Caesars Palace 2 1999 By: Interplay Productions

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This game really is a hand-held casino. Well, at least when it was on the Gameboy. Now it's a desktop casino. There are enough games on here to keep you busy for a while. There is Big 6, Roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat, 6 kinds of slots, 4 kinds of poker, 4 kinds of video poker, and no one can forget Keno.
It has the same quality of graphics as the first one, but this one is in COLOR. You have the spunky MIDI-tones for background music, and then the appropriate sound effects: swishes for the cards, money falling for the slots, and other stuff like that. If you get good enough, you get invited to the High-Rollers section. Make sure you have a lot of time when you start playing this one, because it can become addictive.


After the legal screens come up, the start up screen appears with two options: Start and Options. In the Options Menu, you can adjust the music volume and whether or not you want to hear the sound effects. When you choose start, you are sent to the Reception Menu, which contains Casino, Load Game, Save Game, Edit Name, and View Stats. Load Game lets you load a previously saved game, and Save Game lets you save your current game. Edit Name lets you change your name. DUH! View Stats lets you see the records that you have set for each individual game in the casino.
Choosing Casino obviously sends you to the Casino. You are greeted by the Receptionist, and then set free in the Casino to rake in your riches. You walk around using your arrow keys or D-pad. To play a game you just walk up to the table and it will ask you if you wish to play.
For the Card games, because of the complexity of the rules, it is highly recommended that you already know the rules for the game before playing them on here.
For the game Big 6, you have seven possibilities for which you can bet on. You place bets on the ones you want, and then spin the wheel. If it lands on something that you bet on, then you win that much back. Simple enough.
In Roulette, you have a table of possibilities for what the ball might land on. The smaller the chance of the ball landing on what you bet on, the bigger the payout.
At the Slots, you have a small multitude of options: GridIron, 4th of July, Pirate's Gold, King's Ransom, Progressive, and Classic Bars. GridIron is just like your regular slots, but instead of three spinners, it has four, and it has a football theme. 4th of July, is just slots with a Patriotic theme. Pirate's Gold is like the GridIron, but with a pirate theme. King's Gold is regular slots with a chess theme. Progressive is a four spinner slots with a Jackpot that is progressively getting bigger, hence the name Progressive. Classic Bars is your regular, plain, old slots.
Last, but not least, you have Keno. There are two types of Keno: Straight Ticket and Multiticket. The only difference is how you pick the numbers. The way you win depends on the type of ticket you chose. Almost all of them are different. You can find out how you would win by pressing the B button over the ticket.

A Button Menu: Select
In Game: Select Object, Enter
B Button Menu: Go Back
In Game: Multiple Functions
Start Button Pauses Game
Select Button Brings Up Menu
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