Castlevania Legends 1997 By: Konami

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It was the Middle Ages in Transylvania. One man came into possession of an evil power and The Prince Of Darkness was born. Before long, this being had used his new-found supernatural powers and the magic powers of his followers to spread his plague of darkness and despair throughout the European continent. He was Count Dracula Vlad Tepes. Even to mention the name of this Prince Of Darkness was to cast fear into the hearts of the people of the land, who were powerless to do anything save voice their concern. However, at about the same time a baby girl possessing special powers was born to a family living in a remote area of the country. "Your powers are meant for a higher purpose and not only for yourself," she was often reminded as she was growing up. The plot of this girl's fate began to develop one night in her seventeenth year when she met up with a young enigmatic Alucard, who was on a journey to search for the father that had deserted him. The young girl's name was Sonia Belmont, and she was the first of the vampire hunters in the Belmont family to become legendary.

--From the Gameboy Castlevania Legends instruction manual.

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Can't stop's bat country. Yes bats, children of the night, what a mess they make. Sonia Belmont is a young girl trying to make it in the world of Transylvania. However, since it is a world of evil and darkness, she must venture forth to vanquish Dracula (how typical). So run through this side-scrolling world of darkness to fight the ultimate evil. But don't feel like you're alone in this, well... no, go ahead and feel that way, cuz you don't get no help from nobody. Don't let that get you down though, because this is still a fun game that makes a great installment in the Castlevania universe.


In this game you play Sonia Belmont, the first Belmont to take on Dracula and so start the War between the Belmonts and the prince of darkness. Keeping true to Castlevania tradition, this is a side-scrolling adventure through a world filled with bats, zombies, and bosses. Play through seven levels to get the infamous vampire himself, Dracula.
However, in this game, you do not get the classic sub-weapons, like daggers, axes, and vials of holy water. Instead you get Soul Powers by defeating the bosses (sounds kinda like Megaman to me). Also, one bad part about this game is that you have to hit the jumps just right, or this game could turn into a major pitfall, literally, but don't let that get you down, it's still a fun game.

A Button JUMP
Start Button PAUSE
Select Button INVENTORY
Extended ending
Collect all the Mystic Weapons (classic sub-weapons which you can't use) to view an extended ending
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