Contra Operation C 1991 By: Konami

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As Scorpion, guerrilla commando extraordinaire, you have to blast your way past jungle snipers, naval attack submarines, death-dealing androids and vicious genetic warriors. And that's the easy part. At the end of each level, Scorpion finds a terrifying boss character ready to tear him into "Contra" confetti.

--From the Gameboy Contra Operation C instruction manual.

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Operation C was based on the NES Game Super C. This was a fairly cool addition to the contra series. It added some new weapons and also had some top view levels. The graphics are
OK and the sound is not that great but still a nice little game. The controls are a bit flakey but not too bad. I would say for a GB game they did a fine job. So what are you waiting for, press the Play It Now button and try Operation C.


Run, jump, and kill anything that gets in your way. Shoot pods flying by to get better weapons.

A Button Jump
B Button Fire
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Toggle Menu
10 Lives
At the title screen press Up four times, Down four times, Left four times, Start
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