Donkey Kong 1994 By: Nintendo

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He's Back!!!

Donkey Kong kidnapped the beautiful Pauline and has run away!! To save her, Mario must chase after Donkey Kong. The familiar game of "Donkey Kong" is now a Game Boy title. A totally new quest awaits Mario beyond the familiar scenes of the first few stages. Hunt down Donkey Kong as he escapes from the Big City, traveling on the Ship, through the Jungle, the Desert, Rocky Mountain and on to his home. Can Mario capture Donkey Kong and save Pauline?

--From the Gameboy Donkey Kong instruction manual.

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Aside from the story, this Donkey Kong is almost totally different from the rest of them. The first four stages are very Donkey Kong, but the mere fact that there are more stages than that, is not very Donkey Kong at all. This game has 100 stages, well 101 if you count the last fight with Donkey Kong. Mario has a whole new list of moves now, too. This really was a great game. I loved it. As a matter of fact, I would probably still be playing if I weren't writing about it. If you liked Donkey Kong, or Mario games for that matter, try this one, you'll love it.


Once again save your girlfriend from the evil Donkey Kong.

Mario has an arsenal of new moves for this update: He can do a back-flip if you are running in one direction and abruptly turn to run the other direction while pushing the jump button. He also has a handstand. To perform a handstand, push down while you jump and he will land in a handstand. While in a handstand, you can do a couple of things. If you jump, it will be a high jump. You can also walk around on your hands, but you will move much slower. Probably the coolest thing you can do while in a handstand is catch barrels that Donkey Kong throws with your feet. After you catch it, Mario will put it down, then you can go over and get on top of it and push B to pick it up and throw it at him. He can also grab on to lines and swing from them until he builds up speed, then you can let go for a super high jump. Mario also has the ability to climb vines, much like Donkey Kong Jr. does in his game. If you are going up, you go faster on two vines, if you are going down, you go faster on one.

A Button Jump
B Button Action
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Save State
Remember to use the save state on the bonus games.
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