Earthworm Jim 1995 By: Shiny

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Earthworm Jim on the Gameboy was the same game that was on the SNES. The graphics weren't as good, of course, but impressive none the less. There were a lot of things that were the same as the SNES version though. The levels were the same along with the bosses and bad guys. The Earthworm Jim series was great and made a good deal of money, but for some reason, it was fairly short-lived. Earthworm Jim had a cartoon put out about it and a comic book. I guess they just didn't sell as much as they needed to. If you like the SNES version then you will like this one, it's almost the same.


Save Princess What's-Her-Name from Psycrow.

A Button Jump
B Button Attack
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Remember: If you tap the attack button, Jim will whip, if you hold the button, he will shoot.
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