F1 Race 1990 By: Nintendo

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Ah, those beautiful days when I was 12, when I handed over those 25 dollars to buy a Game Boy. I ended up borrowing my friends' games. This was one of them. Oh, those days I spent trying to win those races.

Well, it's as simple as this - You're an F1 Race car driver in a Grand Prix (or time trial or multiplayer race) and you must earn first place on all 8 courses. Think you can do it? Hit "Play Now" and give her a try!


Race 2 laps on courses all over the world to stand on the podium. Use your Nitro to go so fast it would look like you were travelling at light speed. Race all 8 world tracks to become the racing champion of the world.

A Button Accelerate
B Button Brake
Start button Starts game you select
Select Button Nothing
Wanna get a boost of nitro? Hold forward down on the control pad to get rapid acceleration.
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