Final Fantasy Legend 1989 By: Squaresoft

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Eons ago, the Tower spewed forth beasts and monsters of many kinds. Adventurers set forth to end the invasions and find the legendary Paradise on the other side.
It has been said that the tower in the center of the world is connected to paradise. Dreaming of a life in paradise, many have challenged the secret of the tower, but no one knows what became of them. Now, there is another who will brave the adventure...

--from the Game Boy Final Fantasy Legend manual
Final Fantasy Legend is a pretty fun game. The graphics were a little lacking and so was the music. The game-play was pretty good though. It was a little tough to figure out at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's not bad. There are a lot of meats that you will need to know how to use. When a character eats a piece of meat, he will change into something else. What he will change into depends on two things, what he is now and what kind of meat he is eating. A list of the meats and their effects can be found at GameFAQs. When you get the hang of it, you really can build a strong party. There are a million combinations to choose from. If you like the Final Fantasy series, you should definitely take Final Fantasy Legend for a spin.


Build a party and get them enough experience to fight your way to the tower and learn the secrets that lie within.

A Button Select
B Button Cancel
Start Button Start/Inventory
Select Button Change order
Sound Test
Go to the title screen and hold Up + B + Select for around 5 seconds.
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