Final Fantasy Legend 3 1993 By: Squaresoft

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The Pureland Saga
Millenia ago a fearsome battle raged between beings who sought to become the ruler of a place known as Pureland. Unfortunately for the rest of the universe, the Purelanders were immortal. But rather than causing them to give up the fight, this little fact actually seemed to spur them on to create new and more powerful weapons and magic attacks. The warring grew so violent that shock waves began disturbing neighboring dimensions, eroding the very beaches of time itself. The battle was spreading beyond the Pureland space-time continuum!
Pounded by these shockwaves and fearing the loss of his own Universe, Sol, the Ruler of the World, built the Talon, a space-time battle cruiser with a drive system so powerful it could outrace light, and navigate the pathways separating dimensions. Commanding this weapon, Sol finally managed to seal the Pureland warriors in their own burned-out dimension -- but at a terrible cost.
Exhausted after his ordeal, Sol returned to his universe with one last task to perform. He divided the internal mechanisms of the Talon into 13 units. Using his last ounce of energy, Sol simply willed the Units to various historical times and places on the World and Pureland. Having finished his work, Sol sank into a deep, deep slumber.
Many centuries have passed, and the warriors of Pureland have done the impossible -- they have actually joined forces! Their purpose? To thank Sol for butting in on their business...
A crackling thunderclap resounded through time, announcing the arrival of the Pureland Water Entity. The Entity shimmered with protective magical fields. So potent was the Purelanders' magic, that the colossal Water Entity was instantly visible to every generation that had inhabited -- or would inhabit -- the World.
As the trans-dimensional Entity began to flood the World's past, present and future with putrid water, it poured forth savage monsters without number. The level of the sea rose at a frightening pace. People fled inland. Monsters systematically sacked the towns of the World, as though searching for something...
Only the Elder of Dharm, a city tightly sealed from the water, knew what the monsters were after; the legendary battle cruiser, Talon. The Units of the Talon -- wherever they were -- would have to be found, and installed, before the Monsters could find them, and before the World was swallowed by the sea.

--from the Game Boy Final Fantasy Legend 3 instruction booklet

In Final Fantasy Legend 3, you play a character named Arthur. He is a young man that plans to do some time traveling with his friends in order to defeat a creature called the Pureland Water Entity. This creature is causing problems by constantly filling the sea with water. There are also monsters falling from its mouth all the time. This leaves little hope in the hearts of the people. After setting off and exploring a good portion of time, Arthur and his friends find out that there is more to this Pureland
Water Entity than they thought.
Final Fantasy Legend 3 was a lot of fun to play. There are a lot of options that you can pick and choose from when it comes to setting up your party. They kept true to the formula for eating meats to change your character into different things. Each creature has different attacks to choose from. It is a good idea to try different combinations of these to optimize your party. After you get the combination that is right for you, set out on your adventure and have fun!


Travel through time and space with your friends to save the world from the Pureland Water Entity.

A Button Select
B Button Cancel
Start Button Menu
Select Button Change Order
Game Saves
Save your game often so that if you die you won't have to go too far back.
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