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What is Game & Watch?
Originally released in the early 1980's, the "Game & Watch" line marked Nintendo's entry into the portable video game market. Featuring liquid crystal displays, and a handy size small enough to fit in a pocket, they quickly became a hit everywhere for gamers on the go. "Ball", released in 1980 was the first of many released by Nintendo.

Keep up with the moving pedestrians and do not allow them to fall through an empty manhole cover!
Released in 1980 and 1983.

Oh no, the building is on fire! When the people jump, can you safely help them to the ambulance?
Released in 1980 and 1981.

Dive among the tentacles of a giant octopus to retrieve treasures stowed in Davey Jones' Locker!
Released in 1981.

The pipes are leaking! Catch the dripping oil and find a way out of this crisis.
Released in 1982.

--From the Gameboy Game and Watch Gallery instruction manual.

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A collaboration of the old-timey arcade games, Game and Watch Gallery can be fun, that is, if it doesn't take much to entertain you. Don't get me wrong, the games are fun, but they are really simple. The graphics are what you would expect from a Gameboy game, kind of pixelated and not meant for a big screen. But they aren't black and white though. You do see some pastel colors in the background. Music related, it has the classic MIDI tones we all remember from the Gameboy games. Sound effects include little beeps and chirps as characters move across the screen, and variations of the "WA-WA-WAAA" when someone gets hurt, dropped, or captured.
It's not hard to navigate around the game either. There are four games to choose from: Manhole, Fire, Octopus, and Oil Panic. There are classic and modern versions of each game. And, each version has an Easy and Hard mode. Pick up your controller or get on your keyboard, load up, and have fun!


At the start up screen, you are asked to hit the A button or Start button. Hit either one to proceed. After you hit the button, a little window comes up about the interrupt save feature, but that is only applicable on the Gameboy. Just arrow over to play game. The Choose Game screen then appears. Here is where you pick your poison. By the way, the only difference between the Classic and Modern versions are the graphics. There is no change in the directions.
In Manhole, you have two walkways that each have two holes in them. People walk across the holes and you have to move around and get to each hole in time to keep them from falling through. Once three of them fall through, that's it, Game Over.
In Fire, there is a burning building and an ambulance, and you are in the middle with a trampoline. You have to bounce the people jumping out of the building to the ambulance without letting them hit the ground. Once three of them hit the ground, Game Over.
In Octopus, you become a treasure hunter, and the octopus is guarding it. You have to go down the rope, across the sea-bed, grab the treasure, and get back without getting touched. If you get hit three times, Game Over.
In the last game, Oil Panic, you're trying to catch oil that is coming in through the ceiling. Whenever your buckets get full, you have to dump it down to the person below you by holding it out the window. If your buckets overfill or you dump it out the window when your partner isn't there three times, then you guessed it, Game Over.

A Button Menu: Select Option
Octopus: Grab Gold
Oil Panic: Switch Buckets
B Button Go Back
Start Button Menu: Select
In Game: Pause
Select Button No Function
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