Game and Watch Gallery 3 1984 By: Nintendo

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What Is Game & Watch?

Originally released in the early 1980s, the "Game & Watch" line marked Nintendo's entry into the portable video game market.

Featuring liquid crystal displays and a handy size small enough to fit in a pocket, they quickly became a hit everywhere for gamers on the go.

"Ball," released in 1980, was the first of many released by Nintendo.

As the games evolved, so did the hardware.

Later games made use of wide and multi-screen displays; they also pioneered the now familiar + Control Pad and button configuration.

It's a desperate situation!! The paratroopers are dropping into an ocean filled with man-eating sharks. You must save them!
Released in 1981

Holy Henny-Penny, it's raining tools!! Move quickly and don't let any hit your head.
Released in 1981

Flip up a feast, but don't drop any food. That would be a waste!
Released in 1981

Move quickly and accurately to stop the moles as they tunnel your way!
Released in 1980

Donkey Kong
DK has kidnapped a girl and it's Mario to the rescue!
Released in 1982

--From the GBC Game and Watch Gallery 3 instruction manual.

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