Gargoyle's Quest 1990 By: Capcom

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Ages ago the friendly Ghoul Realm was invaded by an alien force known only as the Destroyers. The Destroyers almost succeeded in capturing the Ghoul Realm when an incredible fire came out of the sky and eliminated them. The secret of that powerful fire was lost through the ages, and the Destroyers are back for a rematch.

The only clue to the survival of the Ghoul Realm lies in the hint that the sole heir to the "Red Gargoyle" can bring back the magic flame. As Firebrand, guardian Gargoyle of the Realm, you must discover this heir to the magic flame and bring peace to the kingdom once again.

--From the Gameboy Gargoyle's Quest instruction manual.

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This game brought together a combination of the platform action known from Ghosts 'n Goblins and some basic RPG-style functions. The graphics are awesome for a Game Boy game, with nice big sprites and plenty of detail, along with good animation. The sound could have been better, but turn it off and enjoy playing the game anyway. Gargoyle's Quest is not quite as challenging (impossible) as Ghosts 'n Goblins, but it is certainly hard enough, and lots of fun too.

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